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How to use the Cryolipolysis body slimming machine?


 Treatment Setting

  1. 30-60 minutes for each part (depending on thickness of fat and health status).
  2. You can only treat cellulite part by part, for example, to dissolve cellulite of the entire waist, you need to complete several courses. (Please do not treat more than two parts of body in the same cause of treatment).
  3. Take a another cooling procedure at the same position 2 months after the first course, which can reduce the extra fat layer thickness, twice treatment, can enhance the effect of cryolipolysis.
  4. The freezing fat treatment designed for localized hypertrophic fat accumulation area, physical healthy people,but not suitable for overall obesity. Treatment mainly for a particular part, such as waist fat, belly and back, and other local cellulite. Treatment is not omnipotent and can not cure obesity, it can not replace liposuction or other invasive therapies. A Substantial weight loss should be through a balanced diet and do regular exercise, freezing fat treatment can only be carried out for extra fat.
  5. Proposed use of clinical parameters.[according to Clinical situation]



Operation Process

  1. Please checking whether the machine has full water before turn on the machine.
  2. Test the heart rate of the people who is receiving the treatment, whether it is normal and ask them there is other disease inapplicable to the treatment.
  3. Check the thickness of the fat, with the help of fat pliers testing.
  4. Clean treated area,Clear the hair of the treated area.
  5. Mark the size of treatment area.
  6. Open the package of antifreeze membranes.
  7. Take out the antifreeze membrane and put is on the treatment area.
  8. Start vacuum suction.